Monday, 17 September 2012

1 Perfect Office in our view

Writer: Kem Zorba
MD at Orange Berry Design

When looking at an Office Design many companies tend to look firstly at the cost factor which suits their budget. They then look at space, when allocating the staff in areas they feel is suitable. What we do experience however is that most people have no real idea about the everyday office psychology when creating an office.

There are many factors to look at when a company decides to change the office environment such as the ease of access around an office. Improving the office environment which caters for staff motivation and productivity for their employee’s I mean you just have to look at the designers who created the Google office what they had in mind for employees’ that’s technology for you, a young vibrant technologist who likes to create ease of comfort and a sense of style yet all maintaining the homely feel.

Google Office Design
My opinion on this is one most people would disagree while many believe this would be suitable for its environment I tend to believe it will make staff very uncomfortable perhaps even creating problems with stiff necks, lower back pain and an eye for sore eyes. But hey Google have the money to do whatever they like right?  Give it a couple of years and watch the staff become complacent and problematic they will try and create change but will become sick with fatigue.

We as humans are not designed to sit and lounge around what happens to the best of us when that happens well the proof is in the pudding. We eat, yes we do! and lounging around after a full stomach tends to place me and probably the rest of the world to wanting to sleep. So here is what to expect with Google quite large tired individuals, then they will promote another new idea perhaps placing gym equipment around so that would promote a healthy environment.

Guess what folks that is a ridiculous idea too. Whatever happened to the good old fashioned office’s a desk is a desk, a chair is a chair, meeting room is a meeting room. I mean come on we are trying to save the planet here and some Shmuck decides he wants to create another new type chair that wants to sell to people that becomes a speaker and then has the cheek to charge extortionately for his creation. Well if you want to become deaf later on in life then go waste your money.

Saving the planet does not mean buying goods that has no practical means it means buying goods that have artist’s expression on saving the world like the materials being used or perhaps the metal factors or even the amount of water being used when making these products. Saving on waste and saving us all for future problems.

 I mean come on! our health is important right? Or is it all about the money? Let’s promote good furniture that is practical let’s supply great ideas that have health benefits too. Like the saddle chair from Hag or even a well-designed Humanscale ergonomic chair lets promote more desks that are height adjustable which is not motorized when adjusting the height let’s keep our blood moving that stops us from sitting all day, lets design offices that make everyone productive including the fat cat bosses that want to make a profit but let’s do this with the health benefits too. Not comfort that just promotes laziness.

That’s my opinion lets re think our strategies lets promote kindness and put love into the designs. Lets save us all cause no one else is.  That’s office design knowing what we know is our experience just like everyone else we create what others fail to do.

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