Wednesday, 29 August 2012

10 High Rated Office Designs

We are sharing here some state of the art office designs.

A compact office with a desk and meeting table with ample space for storage and filing cabinets. It does possess all the features of a perfect office design. Furniture is also very appropriate and natural light makes it comfortable work place.

An executive office design, with luxury and style in mind. The interior is selected carefully and Furniture choice is good as well. Office Chair, Executive Table, Filing Cabinets every thing show the class of the executive.
Another good office design, although looks bit funky but it is a modern art office. Client's seating area is equipped with luxury sofas and walls are being utilized for storage.

 It is another ideal workplace, with detailed focus on interior design. The places for chairs, desks and sofas are carefully selected. There are bulbs being used for enough lightening.

We call it Office Fit-Out, Utilizing the space with every possible aspect. Storage, Task desks, chairs, tables and very well placed. The environment is so comfortable for work and bright lightening makes it worker heaven.


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